Friday, July 30, 2010

My Anglo Couture Gown

As tomorrow marks my 5th wedding anniversary, I noticed that I haven't shared any of my wedding photos.

People usually ask me if I designed my own gown and what it looked like.

Althougt at the time I got married, I was in the bridal industry and could have purchased any designer gown, I chose to design my own. I wanted a timeless look and a perfect fit. To this day I absolutely love everything about my gown and my wedding day. I was so proud to wear my gown in front of my family and Friends in my home country.

My gown was strapless with a slight mermaid skirt. The body was made and lined with the finest Ivory silk duchess and had an overlay of white Ponce De Leon lace. To accommodate the Greek Tradition of no baring shoulders in the church, I designed a bolero made with Ponce De Leon lace. I finalised my bridal look with a long sheer veil and diamond chandeliers. Although my wedding gown doesn't have the silver embroidered logo label sewn in, It was definitely an original Anglo Couture Gown.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Team Anglo

We decided to introduce our associates, interns and the entire Anglo Couture team. In the next couple of weeks we will post spotlights on each an d everyone of them.
I asked each and everyone to write a small bio of themselves and why they chose Anglo Couture.

"Alma Vidovic is a former HSN stylist who has worked with celebrities such as Tina Knowles, Randolph Duke and Suzanne Somers to name a few. She is graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing in October 2010. Her style is classic, unconventional, and elegant. Her passion lies in designing one of a kind dresses, using exceptional draping skills, and meticulous attention to detail to create these works of art. Her specialty is bridal and eveningwear, which brought her to an internship at one of the most prestigious bridal companies, Anglo Couture "

Judging by the following photo Alma is "a perfect fit"!

photo courtesy of photomingle

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 23rd-25th Tampa Bay Trunk Show!!

Photo: Carrie Wildes

Brides-to-be come view and try on our Fall 2010 collection and find or create your perfect dress. Each bride gets personally styled by our designer Vicky Anglo. Get 10% off your purchase during the trunk show weekend!For more info or to book your personal appointment, call 727.526.5800 or visit our website

Featuring vendors:
Collective Creations
Chic Gems

Monday, July 12, 2010

Anglo Couture Brides!!!

We are thrilled to share photos from our beautiful Bride Lindsey!

Lindsey got married June 18th at NOVA 535 wearing our Gown Ophelia form the Fall 2010 collection. Lindsay's gown was made to order and didn't require any alterations.

Congratulations again and thank you for choosing an Anglo Gown!!!

photos by: Carol Gallagher

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spring 2011 Preparation!

We are in the middle of production for our Anglo Couture Spring 2011 collection.

I'm just so excited to work on it, that I felt like sharing the process.
First, our team sorts though all the ideas and designs....It may sound easy but this could be a stress full process, as the collection needs to flow and look good together.
Usually I like a theme behind each collection, something that our brides can identify with.

When all the final designs are picked out, we work on the illustrations. The illustrations need to be a map that guides in the making of the correct pattern and fabric selection.
After that, we get samples in from our suppliers to make sure the appropriate fabrics and trims are used to ensure that the gown is made to perfection.
Pattern making can be tricky, as we need to ensure that it results in perfect fit and it is consistent with the gown design.
Cutting the gown is a crucial detail. The correct cutting ensures, the correct assembly of the gown.
That is the reason I'm very strick out cutting every dress one by one. The wedding gown looks like a puzzle after is cut.

After that our talented seamstresses put it together.
So there you have it the wedding gown is complete!!

For the Anglo Couture Spring 2011 collection, we will use all our classic fabrics like, the silk duchess and chiffon and also introduce new fabrics like, crinkled silk chiffon and silk crepe back satin. The trims and laces are just magnificent this season, gorgeous Alencon lace and metallic vintage trims.
I Can't wait to share it with all of you soon:)

Photos courtesy of Carrie Wildes photography