Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Collections: Introducing Pavlina

photos by Carrie Wildes

We are so happy to have launched all our new collections.
Everyone always asks how is a wedding dress made, how long does it take, how much material and list goes on and on.
For that reason we decided to introduce each gown and what it takes to make it.

So we begin with Pavlina:
It was inspired by my wedding gown.
Pavlina is an Alencon Lace Sheath style gown.
The body of the gown is made in an empire sweet heart neckline with french seams.
It requires 10 yards of silk duchess satin since we line it in and out and 3 yards of French Alencon lace.

Pavlina takes about 20 hours to complete. Including pattern making cutting and putting together.
This gown represents the eternal classic wedding dress with a sexy twist.

Tell us how you like it!

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