Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anglo Couture is in an iPad App!!!

Anglo Couture is now in an iPad App!

Do you like puzzles? Well now you can take your favorite Anglo Couture pictures and solve them as a puzzle! This application is Free to download and the photo album is Free. Check out Anglo Couture's Avant-Garde Brides Album on Magic Puzzle's Facebook Page!

Download the App Magic Puzzles for FREE to get started right now! When you are looking for the Anglo Couture Puzzle, go to the second row and find Avant- Garde Bride. (The second photo featured in the blog, is a preview to all the puzzles. Look at the second row, third photograph from the left.) The Anglo Couture photos are FREE to download.

These lovely Anglo Couture photos come from amazing photographers! We are so happy to have such talented partners. Stay tuned for additional Anglo Couture Photo Albums.

Photographers Featured in the Avant - Garde Brides Album:

Warning: This can be addictive to play for everyone in your family. You may experience too much fun while solving puzzles. You may want additional Anglo Couture Photo Albums to solve right away but Anglo Couture will keep you posted when additional puzzles are ready to be solved.

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