Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Congratulations to Tampa Bay Nace

Anglo Couture is part of Tampa Bay NACE. Anglo Couture believes in working with partners to create the ideal experience for each Bride & Groom. Anglo Couture's designer, Vicky Anglo, is on the board of Tampa bay NACE as the Event Professional. Vicky has been nominated twice for the Event professional of the year award. This year two of her committee members won awards! Check out the Tampa Bay NACE pre-Awards video with all the nominees.

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Tampa Bay NACE is part of the largest professional society that addresses all aspects of the catering industry. Through the collective efforts of members, local chapters, committees, and the Foundation of NACE, NACE is at the forefront of the issues that aid people in the industry to become the best of their ability through building partnerships as well as educational seminars.

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