Thursday, June 28, 2012

Behind the scene of 2013 Photoshoot


In order to capture spectacular photos, it helps to have a team of knowledgable experienced professionals come together to create magic. Make that photo take your breath away or make your heart skip a beat. A photo that you can't stop looking at it because the beauty from that photo is so mesmerizing. This year, we did it again with the help of our fantastic partners.

Collective Creations put together romantic look with the hair and makeup on the model, Dawn.  Marissa from Collective Creations worked with our designer, Vicky Anglo, to understand her vision for each look and made it into reality. We can't wait for you to see the beautiful styles of hair for each look. They are not only a soft romantic but they have are flirty and breath taking.

FH Weddings provided the stunning location, flowers & decor! FH Weddings has such an eye to detail and design, they featured vintage pieces of furniture and soft enchanting flowers. Each detail designed a classic ambiance that brought out the charm in each gown. This is such a picturesque location to feature our latest design and styles.

**Stay Tuned!! We will have a surprise on Saturday!**

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