Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The myth that you are getting a good deal when buying a sample Wedding Gown.

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We often get calls and referrals for brides that have bought a sample gown and are devastated because they can't fit it right or it has been altered the wrong way, it's discolored or they want to redesign the entire gown.

Some times buying a sample gown is a great way to save money but most of the times it's more costly.

How is that possible ???

By the time you have the gown cleaned altered, pressed and fix all the little details that are worn out from being a floor sample, you can probably buy or even design a brand new wedding gown.

In my opinion if you are buying a floor sample, make sure that it's in good condition, it fits you and needs minimal alterations. Depending on the design and fullness of the gown, the dry cleaning cost could be very high as well.

Before you commit in buying a sample floor gown, do some research, try on different gowns at different shops and find out all the approximate costs involved. That way you will be making an educated purchase and will not have to deal with all that stress.

Remember that your wedding gown is one of the most important outfits you will ever wear and will be in your photos and memories forever.

That's why it needs to be perfect and timeless.

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