Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bustle Styles at Anglo Couture

The bustle dates back all the way to the 1800’s. Stylish women during those times would wear frames under their dress to support their extremely full skirts. Now day’s bustles are still very popular in the bridal industry. They provide brides an easy way for a train to be picked up, leaving the bride stress free about tripping over her gown. The extra fabric that looks gorgeous while walking down the aisle can later become hazardous while dancing or walking about the reception hall. Bustles can be added to any wedding gown with a long train. They come in a variety of options; European, French-Victorian or an Austrian bustle. Our favorite method of a bustle is the French. This style is extremely beautiful with any wedding dress and perfect for a decorative and detailed gown. The French bustle is also typically more secure than the European because it is tucked underneath the skirt making a clean sweep and not covering any of the details from the waist down, whereas the European bustle is picked up along the outside of your gown. Bustles are a great convenience for a bride and it is ultimately her decision. They all look beautiful it’s just a matter of personal preference to your specific gown. Any bustle can be done here at Anglo Couture in a variety of ways.
** Don’t be shy and contact us with any questions about the bridal bustle of your choice! We love to help!

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