Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Staying fit is important! It keeps us healthy, energetic and most importantly looking stunning for the big day! Knowing you are fit on your wedding day makes a huge difference about the way you feel. It’s wonderful knowing all the difficulties you have overcome and starting new while looking fresh. There are many ways that you can achieve success in staying fit. Bridal Boot camps are everywhere! Currently, Anglo Couture is participating in our very own workout sessions 3 times a week bright and early. We have tons of fun and get a great work out on top of it. It’s relieves daily stresses for everyone and gets us motivated to be in tip top shape! Friends are a great support to have for a work out partner. So grab someone special; maid of honor, bridesmaids or your bestie and make an extra devotion to staying fit.

*** Have fun with it and Good Luck!

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