Thursday, September 8, 2011

AFR Event

On August 18th, The Anglo Couture team closed the doors to our showroom on Central Ave. in St. Petersburg and headed towards Orlando! We were going towards the History Center for a networking event sponsored by the AFR Event Furnishing Company at the Orange County Regional History Center Venue. It was the first time a couple of our team members, Ashley and Kellie, met and it was great! On our way, our new team bonded together and chatted about new ideas for our future inspirations for Anglo Couture.

When we arrived to the event it was nothing short of amazing. The History Center was completely decorated inside and out with awesome lighting, floral arrangements and jamming dance floors. The event was held top to bottom of the building, a total of three floors with extravagant decorations, and plenty of beautiful catering. We were so excited to venture and mingle, getting to know and see our friends within the industry! The second floor was decked out in an 80’s theme. Our favorite was the John Lennon exhibit. John Lennon's statue talked and sung…and mimicked things that people would say…he looked like a statue but was he really..? The 80’s floor was a giant boom box. There was an awesome block wall light in every color imaginable, and a chalk bar where we wrote: VICKY WAS HERE!

Then we traveled to the third floor where we hit the roaring 20’s! The Anglo Team had a ton of fun throughout this level. There were gambling tables, women dressed as flappers and gangsters, plus a photobooth with none other than outstanding fun 20’s costumes! Of course the Anglo girls had to check this out! We had quite the laughter once we entered the booth! I think we had a total of 4 print strips with some preeettyyyy funny photos.

All and All, we mingled and visited with some new and old friends with our colleagues who do great work within the Bridal Industry! What an experience!

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