Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spotlight on Novella Style Group

Style Your Wedding

For the average woman, she has mentally planned her wedding since childhood. While the boys were running around the neighborhood with light sabers, we were fashioning veils out of anything we could find, from pillow cases to our mothers slips. Cutting the forbidden flowers from the garden for our bouquet for the many times we were to be married. I personally was married 16 times by the time I was eleven years old. I was married to my friends, my pets and occasionally a brother of a friend (if we could convince or bribe him to play the groom that day).

Fast forward to when reality has set in, the dream is always in the back of our minds. Continuing to plan, dream and yes let’s admit it, watching more than our share of reality shows based on romance, love and the “happily ever after”.

Then one day it happens. The day you dreamt of has finally arrived. It will be your day, your wedding. And this time you will NOT be wearing a pillow case as your veil. If you thought that finding the “one” was the hard part now you must begin to piece together the biggest day of your life with all of the visions you have carried since childhood. Plus, do it all while pleasing the future in-laws as well as your own family.

As a fashion and wedding stylist, I have had the pleasure to work with many brides. Everything from the backyard wedding to destination weddings. Even though it may seem daunting, I am here to help. First and foremost, you must decide on your wedding style. A wedding should be a reflection of your personal style, your groom and the life you are beginning together. So I ask you, what is your wedding style?

Having the right people surrounding you during your planning is vital, from the florist, the right bakery to create your dream cake, and of course the perfect venue. But let’s not forget what you have been waiting for, the day you will choose your wedding dress. As you have grown into the woman that will marry her prince charming, your style has changed as well as your body even though your fantasy may not have. This is where working with a wedding stylist can be an asset.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist? Well everything really. A wedding planner works with the venue you have selected and organizes the timing and overall preparation of the day. A wedding stylist is there to help you with the artwork details that you will celebrate your day in, and gently preserve them so you can share them with your children, and the photographs that you will display throughout the home you will build. Each and every wedding is unique, as are the people committing themselves that day. A wedding stylist has personal relationships with top designers in the industry as well as the ability to make your childhood dream into a reality for your “Happily Ever After”.

Kristen Blake is a Global Fashion Stylist and Wedding Specialist as well as the owner of Novella Style Group, LLC where her belief is to tell “Your Story. Your Style.” TM Kristen is an award winning stylist with over 20 years within the fashion industry and her work can be seen in print ads, runway, red carpet, television and film as well as music videos. For more information on working with Kristen and Novella Style Group, LLC on your wedding or even your personal style please contact her at

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