Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1800's The first white Bridal Gown

The 1800's changed the way we look at Wedding Gowns today.

The first half of the nineteenth century, royal brides continued to use luxurious fabrics in tones of silver and red. The commoners would follow in their footsteps by wearing other various colors and floral patterns.

In 1840, Queen Victoria of England was the first to wear an all-white bridal ensemble. She wore a rich white satin gown adorned with orange blossoms and an eighteen foot train with veil of Honiton lace. Queen Victoria wore a matching wreath on her head that incorporated orange blossoms with entwined diamonds.

At Anglo Couture, we have this beautiful wedding gown made with the finest lace. This gown is Anglo Couture's Pavlina Gown. The Pavilna gown is made with Alencon Lace and has a sweet heart neckline embellished with a Silk Dutchess belt and brooch.

For More Information:
Click here to find out more about how the history of Queen Victoria of England.

History from: The Knot's Book of Wedding Gowns
Photograph of Queen Victoria came from:

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