Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anglo Couture Reviews

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At Anglo Couture, we create customized gowns in house to fit each individual brides dreams. We stand out from the rest because we use the finest materials to create one of a kind gowns for each bride that no one else will ever have.

November 18th & 19th we are having a Trunk Show! Sign up to have your personal appointment by calling 727-526-5800 or e-mail: info@anglocoutureline.com.

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Ashley ‎ - Jul 21, 2011
Omgosh! I'm absolutly in love with these gowns! Vicky has such an amazing talent. I came in for my first appointment and never felt so comfortable. I'm getting married in the winter and am looking for a specific style gown. I brought in many pictures for my first appointment with different things that I liked about them; however, when I got there I fell in love with an all french lace gown and she gave me so many options to make it my own. This truly is a one of a kind shop that a bride can get whatever she wants! I'm so excited to see my final design and get married in the dress I have always imagined.
Monika ‎ - Oct 22, 2010
LOVE these gowns ! I was lucky enough to view and try on the first line of Anglo Couture gowns and they are simply exquisite. The quality and attention to detail are second to none. The gowns and accessories are made with love and care and are so avant garde and sexy while keeping their distinctive sophisticated flare. If you want a unique gown that will make you feel and look beautiful on your special day, look no further ! An Anglo Couture gown is the one for you.
Monique ‎ - May 15, 2010
Simply Amazing!!!!!! Vicky is completely dedicated to Anglo Couture! Her passion, creativity and attention to detail is 100% reflected with each and every single dress she makes. In such a very short time she has turned a dream into a reality! What seemed like a blink of an eye to me from the very first Anglo Couture sketch to the dress walking down the runway was actually many, many hours of hard work and dedication for Vicky! In addition to being an awesome designer Vicky so very easy to talk to and trust. She is honest, dependable and very humble! That is so refreshing in this day and age. Vicky has the keen ability to illustrate on paper the actual version of the dress she can make. If you are bored with dress shop styles, tired of seeing the same dresses at bridal shows and want something that is completely yours, then you should schedule an appointment with Anglo Couture!
uDream ‎ - Apr 9, 2010
Anglo Couture Gowns are Anglo Couture Gowns are absolutely beautiful. Vicky is an incredibly talented and innovative designer. Her work is one of a kind and she works directly with the bride to create a unique gown that's perfect for her special day. Great job Vicky, keep up the amazing work!
SimplyDivineEvents ‎ - Apr 9, 2010
One of a Kind Wedding Gowns! Anglo Couture Gowns are simply one of a kind. Vicky does an amazing job and pays attention to every detail when meeting with her brides. The designs are definately one of a kind!!!
Carrie ‎ - Apr 8, 2010
Unique and Gorgeous Designs Anglo Couture gowns are among the most unique and elegant I have seen! The fabrics are the highest quality and the same fabric is used to line the dresses so they feel amazing when you are wearing them! Definitely a must have for the couture bride who wants beautiful elegance in her gown.
Cafe ‎ - Apr 8, 2010
Stunning Gowns! Having attended the fashion debut of the Anglo Couture Fall 2010 line, I was awestruck by not only the sheer beauty and simple elegance of their designs, but by the unique qualities that each gown possessed. These gowns are stunning, and brides don't have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. I spoke with the models and they all commented about how comfortable the gowns are to wear and move in. Brides in the Tampa/Orlando market have a bona fide, up and coming original wedding gown designer in their own back yard. Mark my words, Anglo Couture will become a prestigious international design house, and there are precious few that will be able to claim their wedding gown was one of their debut designs!
Cindy ‎ - Apr 7, 2010
Cindy Stonehouse, Wedding Planner~Stonehouse Events & More, Inc. Anglo Couturedresses are absolutely STUNNING! They use the most luxurious fabrics! Their designs all have a unique flair to accommodate the avant-garde bride! Vicky personally meets with all of her brides to assist them in selecting the most PERFECT wedding dress for their day. Her dress selections are amazing, we know you won't be disappointed! :)

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