Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day to Preserve Your Gown

Last Day to Preserve Your Gown

Reminder to our Summer Brides! It is the Last Day to preserve your gown. You have now married the man of your dreams in the perfect Wedding Gown. You spent so much time and efforts to find the perfect dress and now you wonder what to do with your  Wedding Gown. Now it's time to preserve your heirloom. 

Anglo Couture is offering $50 off your Wedding Gown All Green No Harsh Chemical Preservation.

What is Gown Preservation? 

Gown Preservations is a special cleaning and packaging technique to ensure the gown remains beautiful. A professional preservationist reviews the type of materials used to make the dress and if any stains are on the gown. Then they create a cleaning procedure special for your specific gown. The cleaning procedure is an all green no harsh chemical preservation. After cleaning the Wedding Gown, it is wrapped and placed in a special container to prevent any discoloration or any damage. Preservationists recommend to clean the gown as soon as possible after your wedding. This prevents the stains from sitting too long and permanently setting. We ship your gown directly to you.

Call 727 526-5800 or e-mail Anglo Couture to get your Wedding Gown Preservation done today.

Photograph by: Matt R

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