Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make Your Bridal Gown Appointment Successful!

Congratulations! You have met the perfect man of your dreams and you are newly engaged!  It's time for you to find your Wedding Dress. What should you do? How can you make the most out of your appointments?

At Anglo Couture, we find that most Brides find it easier if they do four things. One, keep an open mind to various styles and fits. Two, bring a strapless gown. Third, bring a pair of heels.  Lastly, bring a camera.

Some Brides have an idea of what style fit they are looking for and only want to try that style on. As you start to try on Wedding Gowns, it helps to keep an open mind and try on other styles to see how they fit your body. We find that some Brides are shocked that they fall in love with a totally different style than they originally envisioned. They are so glad that they took advantage of the opportunity to see each style, it helped them to find that perfect gown.

You may ask yourself, why should I bring a strapless bra or heels? At Anglo Couture, we custom create each Wedding Gown. We have multiple samples that are transformed into various ways. As you try on Wedding Gowns, the strapless bra helps you see what the gown looks like without those ugly bra straps getting in your way. If you decide that you want a gown that has straps, your strapless bra also allows you to see the stunning beadwork or lace instead of your bra straps showing through. For your own comfort, we request you bring your strapless bra that fits you perfectly instead of one that everyone else uses that may not be your exact size and for sanitary reasons. The heels gives you posture and height to walk in the Wedding Gowns.

Most boutiques do not let you take a photo of Wedding Gowns because they are afraid you make get the same gown somewhere else. At Anglo Couture, we create custom gown to allow our brides a dress that no one else will have. We encourage Brides to bring their camera to see all the various ways we can create a gown into their own.

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Photograph from Justin DeMutiis Photography

**Traction: Last Tuesday's blog featured a photograph by Michael Schuhmann Photography, their website is**

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