Friday, February 26, 2010

A fun way to capture memories!!!

As I made my tea this morning, I looked at my fridge and I have about 20 photo strips from shutterbooth on the left side of it. Shutterbooth is a modern style photo booth that will spark fun and brake the ice at any event. But most importantly it will capture the memories that you will put on your fridge or pin on your desk to get you to smile in during a random time of the day.

Every time that shutterbooth is at an event I'm always looking for an opportunity to gather everyone and get in. Someone asked me once "aren't you tired of it yet"?? And I said NO! Because every time is different, different mood, different moment, different props, 20 different memories.

To top it all off not only shutterbooth looks elegant and fun, but it's operated by fun and energetic staff. Monique and Tyrus are so passionate about Shutterbooth that they work all the events they can themselves.

Thank you Shutterbooth for making my morning today!!!

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